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How long should a blog post be

Quality vs Quantity: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

By Jim Robinson | Content Marketing
Posted June 22, 2017

Is there a typical blog post length? If so, how long should a blog post be? At one time (pre-2010), blog posts written for SEO—regardless of length—could rank with the right tags, keyword density, a high number of backlinks, and a page rank higher than competitors. While algorithm updates occurred prior to 2010, Google Panda shook … Read More

7 Steps to Achieve Long-Term Success with Your Content Marketing Plan

7 Steps to Achieve Long-Term Success with Your Content Marketing Plan

By Allison Torsani | Content Marketing
Posted October 8, 2015

Not surprisingly, content is set to (yet again) be acclaimed as king in 2016. Research shows that content marketing has become the second leading element of digital marketing budgets, only behind mobile—and with good reason. After all, it’s content that keeps your readers engaged, draws users to the site, and performs in SEO. Additionally, it’s extremely … Read More

Content Audit Foundation

Why a Content Audit is the Cornerstone of a Successful Content Strategy

By Jim Robinson | Content Marketing
Posted March 24, 2015

Everyone knows that high quality content is the foundation of any successful organic search strategy, but putting a process in place to consistently produce it is a bit hairier. Not everyone has a huge, well-renowned (and expensive) agency with multiple copywriters and marketing experts ready to help create mind-blowing, never-before-seen creative experiences. But then again, … Read More

facebook & coffee

How to Increase Facebook Reach by 1,500% for Only $5

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted July 31, 2014

How many hours a day do people spend on Facebook? The answer is probably too many. But for us marketing folks, that makes Facebook a goldmine. We understand the possibilities that Facebook offers when it comes to reaching our desired audience. The amount of people an ad or promoted post can reach with even a … Read More

How to Seed Your Content through Social Media

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted June 5, 2014

You’ve heard it once and you’re going to hear a thousand more times; CONTENT IS KING. Consistently writing great content is key for driving traffic to your website. The more you write the better chance you have of becoming a top thought leader in your industry and the more opportunities that will arrive to rank … Read More


The Most Overlooked Audience Persona

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted May 14, 2014

Often times I hear people say things like “create great content in order to get found by your customers,” or “the more content you create, the more likely it is that you will start getting found by your target audience.” While it’s true that your primary audience personas (customers, clients, readers, etc.) are ultimately who … Read More

Content Marketing Marathon

Why Content Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted May 7, 2014

We’ve all heard by now that creating great content is one of the top ways to attract an audience to your website, convert casual visitors into long-term customers, and elevate your brand online by establishing an authoritative and influential voice in your industry. Easier said than done, right? Generating success, which ultimately means generating revenue, … Read More