About ClickSeed

Jim Robinson, SEO.

ClickSeed is a boutique SEO and audience development consulting firm owned and operated by me, Jim Robinson. I’m an experienced, results-driven digital media professional with a passion for growing audiences through search. My career has evolved over the past two decades through roles as an e-commerce entrepreneur, in-house SEO & product director, founder of a publisher-centric SEO consulting firm, and owner/operator of a niche content publishing business. My career is marked by consistent success in driving audience growth and engagement through SEO, web analytics, and data-driven editorial strategy.

Specialty Areas:

  • SEO & audience development for media organizations and news publishers
  • Technical SEO and SEO-friendly product development for brands, platforms, and startups
  • SEO strategy consulting for B2B technology and service-based firms

I excel at developing effective strategies and communicating them clearly and persuasively to build consensus within teams and across organizations. I have coached scores of technical, editorial, and marketing professionals on the ins and outs of SEO over the years, through formal training sessions and informal mentoring.

Nicole Millsfield

Jim deserves the credit for inspiring my career change into SEO. I first began working with Jim when I was a writer at US Weekly in 2012 when he served as our SEO consultant. Our paths were reunited when I joined the NY Post in 2018 and hired him as our Technical SEO Consultant. Jim has the unique ability of being able to effectively communicate SEO strategies to both editorial and technical teams. Jim is the best technical SEO consultant I’ve worked with and his recommendations have always yielded results. He has my highest recommendation as an SEO consultant.

Nicole Millsfield

SVP, Head of Audience Development at New York Post

My proficiency extends to web analytics, utilizing a variety of tools to derive actionable insights and make reliable strategic recommendations. Specifically, I have extensive experience with Google Analytics, Search Console, Looker Studio, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Parse.ly, Botify, and many more. In addition, I am adept in web product and feature development and have gained substantial business acumen in my years as an entrepreneur.

Let’s connect if you’re facing a challenging SEO problem or looking for strategic guidance to bring about audience and revenue growth in your organization.