Adwords Account Audits

Achieve Adwords Zen

Our Adwords video audits provide peace of mind and immediate, actionable insight for in-house Adwords account managers. Get ready to breath a sigh of relief.

ClickSeed is a Google PartnerManaging an Adwords account when you’re not able to dedicate yourself to it full time is tough. If you’re a in-house marketer with responsibilities that go beyond just managing your Adwords account, bringing in outside help to consult on account structure or assess your current campaign performance is practically a no-brainer.

When you hire ClickSeed to provide guidance or management services for Adwords, you’re in really good hands. ClickSeed is a certified Google Partner, and our Adwords experts offer years of experience and individual Adwords certifications.

A guided walk-through of your Adwords account.

In terms of a deliverable for an audit, you’d probably be really frustrated if you hired a consultant who handed you a laundry list of what’s right and wrong with your Adwords structure with no rationale or specific direction. That’s what you’ll get  with most Adwords account reviews and audit services from other agencies.

Wouldn’t it be better if we walked you through your account – step by step – to show you how to fix everything that needs fixing?

That’s exactly what we do with our Adwords account audits.

Using video screencast technology, we’ll create a custom video that takes you on a step-by-step tour of your Adwords account, showing you exactly what you need to do to pull the weeds and plant new seeds. By the end of the video, you’ll have a list of specific actions that will immediately improve your Adwords account ROI.

Our audits really click.

The audit itself consists of a complete 36-point account review in which we looks at campaign structure and ad groupings, correct use of keyword match types, correct testing of multiple ads for each ad group, proper utilization of ad extensions and new features … and much more.

As with our SEO audits, our PPC audits are offered as a standalone service to help get in-house account managers get on the right track, or as a starting point for our Google Adwords Management services.

Cultivate Adwords ROI.

Our Adwords account audit services help ensure you’ll get:

  • More conversions for less money
  • Higher quality leads and bigger sales
  • Superior return on your ad spend

Ready to get the bugs out?

If you’d like to learn more about Adwords account audits and how you can ramp up your ROI, call us today at 301-228-2432, or contact us for a quote.