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Jim is the Founder & CEO of ClickSeed, and a 16-year veteran in the digital media space. Stay connected with Jim by following any of the social media links below, or get in touch via our contact form any time.

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Leveraging Content for Sales Enablement

Leveraging Content for Sales Enablement

Posted August 17, 2017 | Content Marketing

As digital marketing grows in popularity, so does the concept of aligning marketing teams with sales teams for maximum returns. While brands are still wrangling with content creation processes and promotion, few are leveraging their content to reach the full potential of sales. What is Sales Enablement Content? Sales enablement content drives prospects through the … Read More

SEO leads

Why SEO Produces Some of the Highest Quality Leads

Posted August 10, 2017 | SEO

Identifying the value of a lead isn’t as easy. Generating high-quality leads is a growing challenge for marketers today, and the definition changes from industry to industry. For the purposes of this article, high-quality leads have one or more of the following qualities: A shorter-than-average buying cycle A lower-than-average cost per acquisition An educated prospect … Read More

How Smart SEO Can Increase Your Content ROI

How Smart SEO Can Increase Your Content ROI

Posted July 27, 2017 | SEO

    SEO and Content ROI – The History In 2011, the Panda algorithm shifted SEO attention from links to content. Some internet marketers were already paying attention to website content and smart SEO, so Panda was good for their brand. For many brands, the Panda algorithm forever changed how to manage content marketing alongside … Read More

How Content Can Improve Your AdWords ROI

How Content Can Improve Your AdWords ROI

Posted July 20, 2017 | Google Adwords

    Let’s break it down into the types of content and strategies that can improve AdWords ROI.   Website and Landing Page Content When most marketers begin using AdWords, they tend to focus mostly on the ads. The ads are certainly important, so that’s a good place to start. More savvy marketers realize that … Read More

SEO Ranking Factors that Still Matter in 2017

SEO Ranking Factors that Still Matter in 2017

Posted July 13, 2017 | SEO

  SEO Ranking Factors 2017 Fast forward to 2017…SEO experts must sift through major algorithm changes and updates like Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird, mobile-friendly updates, and RankBrain. Not only have ranking factors changed, but page one real estate has become even more competitive, and in some niches, space for organic listings is shrinking. … Read More

Content Analytics for B2B Companies: What, Why, and How to Measure

Content Analytics for B2B Companies: What, Why, and How to Measure

Posted July 6, 2017 | Content Marketing

Often referred to as content KPIs, these key performance indicators give digital marketing experts insight into which pieces of content are meeting goals, need improvement, and falling flat.   Trending industry buzzwords like big data, IoT, and machine learning sends marketing teams running toward high-end analytics software programs that deliver volumes of data (IBM Watson, … Read More

How long should a blog post be

Quality vs Quantity: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Posted June 22, 2017 | Content Marketing

Is there a typical blog post length? If so, how long should a blog post be? At one time (pre-2010), blog posts written for SEO—regardless of length—could rank with the right tags, keyword density, a high number of backlinks, and a page rank higher than competitors. While algorithm updates occurred prior to 2010, Google Panda shook the … Read More

The importance of seo at each stage of the buyer journey by ClickSeed

The Importance of SEO at Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Posted June 15, 2017 | SEO

Focusing on the buyer’s journey and related strategies is critically important for ensuring the success of your digital campaigns, but neglecting SEO principles during that process will deliver sub-standard results. For example, ranking on page one for an informational keyword is a step toward awareness, the first step in a buyer’s journey roadmap. If your content … Read More