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Does SEO Matter for High-End B2B Consulting Services?

By Jim Robinson | SEO
Posted February 24, 2015

If you work at a high-end B2B consulting or enterprise services firm, you know that new clients don’t just call you out of the blue because they find you in a Google search result. For sophisticated firms with complex sales cycles, new clients are more likely gained through reputation and word of mouth. A web content strategy, some … Read More

3 Adwords Account Issues that Are Killing Your ROI

By Heather Whittington | Google Adwords
Posted February 18, 2015

The saying “practice makes perfect” is a great sentiment and one I certainly take to heart. But you can’t begin to approach perfection unless you’ve taken the time to put “perfect practices” into place. In Google Adwords, poor implementation can cost you thousands of dollars and lost customers – customers who are probably being swept … Read More

Must-Attend Marketing Conferences in 2015

7 Must-Attend Marketing Conferences in 2015

By Jim Robinson | Digital Marketing
Posted February 12, 2015

As you’re reading this sentence, entire development teams are working on algorithm updates that will impact your marketing strategy moving forward. If it’s not Google, it’s Facebook. And if it’s not Facebook, it’s Bing. Or Twitter. Or Twitter and Google, simultaneously. And as soon as the new algorithm is rolled out, the developers will start … Read More

Powerful RegEx Filters for Google Analytics

3 Easy Yet Powerful RegEx Filters for Google Analytics

By Kyle Sutton | Web Analytics
Posted February 5, 2015

If you’re in the business of pulling regular reports in Google Analytics for clients or senior management, you’re likely no stranger to advanced filtering. Sure, you can get your data relatively painlessly with your standard “Containing” or “Begins With” filters, but what if you could provide much more precise reporting with a few easy filtering … Read More

facebook & coffee

How to Increase Facebook Reach by 1,500% for Only $5

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted July 31, 2014

How many hours a day do people spend on Facebook? The answer is probably too many. But for us marketing folks, that makes Facebook a goldmine. We understand the possibilities that Facebook offers when it comes to reaching our desired audience. The amount of people an ad or promoted post can reach with even a … Read More

New “Google My Business” Tool Introduced

By Nick | SEO
Posted June 12, 2014

Google has launched a new integrated tool called Google My Business with the intention of helping local SEOs and small business owners to simplify their local marketing efforts. The main objective here is to make it “easier than ever to update business information across Google Search, Maps, and Google+.”  This is a welcomed change because … Read More

How to Seed Your Content through Social Media

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted June 5, 2014

You’ve heard it once and you’re going to hear a thousand more times; CONTENT IS KING. Consistently writing great content is key for driving traffic to your website. The more you write the better chance you have of becoming a top thought leader in your industry and the more opportunities that will arrive to rank … Read More


The Most Overlooked Audience Persona

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted May 14, 2014

Often times I hear people say things like “create great content in order to get found by your customers,” or “the more content you create, the more likely it is that you will start getting found by your target audience.” While it’s true that your primary audience personas (customers, clients, readers, etc.) are ultimately who … Read More

Content Marketing Marathon

Why Content Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

By Nick | Content Marketing
Posted May 7, 2014

We’ve all heard by now that creating great content is one of the top ways to attract an audience to your website, convert casual visitors into long-term customers, and elevate your brand online by establishing an authoritative and influential voice in your industry. Easier said than done, right? Generating success, which ultimately means generating revenue, … Read More