SEO Audits

Cultivate Growth From the Ground Up

A SEO audit from ClickSeed could be the most cost-effective investment you’ll make in your website.

An audit is typically the starting point for our full-service SEO campaigns because it helps us get a clear assessment of your site in order to develop a prioritized SEO action plan. We know you’ve invested a great deal in your website design, content creation, ongoing promotion and social media management. An SEO audit from ClickSeed will help you maximize your investment and pay for itself many times over. We also offer SEO audits as a stand-alone service.

Site Design/Redesign SEO Audits

It’s critical to start thinking about SEO very early in any website design or redesign project. In a site design or re-design audit, we review and provide feedback on design comps, wireframes or sitemaps, giving you valuable guidance that can keep you from heading down the wrong road. We create detailed sitemaps, information architecture and content inventory deliverables that allow you to completely define all page-level settings and metadata before coding the first web page. ClickSeeds methodical and disciplined planning can create the perfect greenhouse conditions for your success.

We Report Issues AND Provide Solutions

There are plenty of competitors who are knowledgeable enough to identify technical SEO issues that may be negatively impacting your search engine visibility. What makes ClickSeed superior is our practice of prioritizing technical enhancements and giving clear, specific guidance and even code samples. That makes it easy to keep things moving forward and helps you produce the highest return on investment in the shortest period of time. We provide a prioritized SEO action plan with no long-term commitment.

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