How to Find a Web Content Writer With Expertise in Your Industry

Is your web site easily found by search engines? Take a minute to Google your company name and a few keywords related to your products or services…what happened? This may or may not surprise you but hiring a web content writer could be the best move toward ensuring your site is found by prospective buyers. But having the right web content writer can make a huge difference in where your site appears in search results, read on to know how and why.

With more than half of the world’s population using the Internet, it’s reasonable to assume that your company’s website is now the primary source of information for current customers, prospective buyers, and anyone else interested in your products and services. So technically, nearly three billion people could find your website, right? Well, as you may already know, it’s not quite that simple.

But before we share the ways to amp up your visibility for search engines, first we need to talk about how you should start with a content audit as part of an overall strategy. It is absolutely crucial that a content evaluation is performed to get the full picture of where visitors are spending their time and to identify opportunities for improvement. This exercise is also helpful for setting benchmarks and goals for future activities.

Now onto the main topic of discussion. Nearly 90 percent of consumers use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions but how do they find exactly what they seek?  Ensuring your site appears in those searches requires expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and more specifically, writing content in such a way that it’s easier for your site to be found. Here’s where a professional web content writer comes in handy.

The many flavors of writers

There are several distinct differences between a copywriter and a web content writer to consider when embarking on a search. Copywriters generally write with the goal of driving an action, like a click or a phone call, while web content writers more subtly tell stories that provide valuable information to elevate the content and encourage engagement with readers.

Further, web content writers who have experience in SEO gear their content toward what drives search results while traditional copywriters focus more on advertising and selling.

Finding a high-quality writer who understands your industry and is skilled in writing for the web is ideal. Even better, working with someone who is knowledgeable about the evolving methodologies involved in search engine results and how sites like Google rank content based on quality, frequency, and standards will help your content be more visible.

Why industry expertise is important

Evaluating a web content writer for your company or project should prominently include an assessment of how conversant they are about topics relevant to your industry. For some industries, a generalist with a solid portfolio of high-quality work will suffice but for more niche areas, like tech, you need a seasoned writer who specializes in your subject matter. Not only will their writing convey this expertise but you’ll spend less time having to educate them on your business.

And also, evaluating the types of content your company needs to produce to keep up with trends in the industry will help when you begin to evaluate resources and options. Someone who authors white papers may not have the skillset to create short blog articles and vice versa.

Finding a web content writer

So you know you need a great writer with experience in your industry and SEO expertise but how do you go about finding one for your business? Broad internet searches can be time consuming and may not yield exactly the professional you need.

Here are several suggestions for where to find web content writers:

  • Look at internal options. Do you already have someone on staff developing content? If so, using the information gleaned from the content audit and a comprehensive strategy, implement new writing guidelines and start tracking progress.
  • Explore professional networks (like LinkedIn), trade publications, online forums relevant to your industry, publishing platforms (like and related sources for published works that convey the same tone, originality and quality you want in your content. These same authors may be available for hire.
  • Locate professional writers for hire on sites like,, and It’s important to remember that while there are certainly talented writers on these sites, some may not have the experience or expertise of a more seasoned professional or firm that specializes in web content strategy.
  • Take advantage of existing resources and relationships. Are you already working with a firm that provides any services related to marketing? Consider expanding the scope of work to include SEO for your website, editorial planning, and content development.

How to evaluate a writer’s work

Whether you are selecting a professional yourself or using a firm to produce content, the web content writer’s portfolio needs to be evaluated and vetted. The specifics may vary, but in general start with an outline of what criteria is important to achieve your business goals:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Strong portfolio of work
  • High quality writing
  • Types of content they have published
  • All of the above

One important thing to consider – a web content writer should be able to show at least a handful of examples of published content that rank highly in search engine keyword results. This will likely be the one of the top factors in determining if your content is hitting the mark and getting the results you want.

Ultimately, the end goal is to provide consumers with helpful and relevant content that also positions you as a subject matter expert. The content your company produces enhances visibility, sets you apart as a trusted authority, and helps to create relationships with prospective and current buyers to keep them coming back.

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