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Do you have an exciting new startup, an established business you want to grow, or a great job that inspires you to produce amazing results? Having been in each of those situations myself, I appreciate how exciting they can be. Especially when the opportunities for huge revenue growth online have never been greater. These are exciting times for industrious and creative people like us to leverage the amazing power of the web to achieve success.

It’s certainly not easy though. Trying to stay focused on growing your business in an ecosystem that’s constantly evolving is a serious challenge. Sure, there may be lots of opportunity out there, but the competition has never been more fierce. And if you’re trying to market your business through search, you know it’s tough to keep up with the numerous algorithm changes Google introduces every year. It takes serious dedication and know-how to cut through the noise to reach your audience.

That’s where ClickSeed comes in.

ClickSeed has been many years in the making. I got my start in Internet marketing about twelve years ago as a college student. At the time I had barely enough money to pay the bills, but my roommate and I discovered we could make money online by finding undervalued treasures at local pawn shops and flea markets and selling them on eBay. The idea that I could actually make money from the Internet excited and amazed me. It still does.

It was great in those early days making a few extra bucks while burning the midnight oil in front of a computer, but I was also getting quite an education in Internet marketing and customer service too. Those early efforts evolved into my own ecommerce company that I grew over five years and eventually sold. And it turned out the experience I’d gained as an ecommerce entrepreneur – slugging it out on my own against some of the top hired guns of SEO – was in great demand.

After six years of running a successful ecommerce company and working as an affiliate marketer, I was offered an opportunity to work as an SEO and Product Director for one of the most famous brands in the world. My work there resulted in tens of millions of new search referrals per year, a result that will continue to boost their bottom line revenue for years to come.

As I prepare to launch ClickSeed, I wanted to take the opportunity to share a little bit of my background and how this business came to be. Ultimately, however, ClickSeed is about you and the success of your business. My goal is to show you how, together, we can achieve the same kind of consistent success I’ve had during the past decade driving sales, leads, and traffic on a massive scale.

Going forward, I’ll be sharing everything I know about SEO and Internet Marketing on this site, so if you want to learn it from the ground up, be sure to subscribe. If, however, you’d prefer to stay focused on your business and subject matter expertise (a wise decision in my opinion), then I hope you’ll contact me today so we can start planting the seeds that will grow your business online well into the future.

Welcome to ClickSeed.

Photo Credit: evoo73 on Flickr

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