Content Optimization Services

Maximize the lifetime value of your content

Content requires a relatively high initial investment, but the return on that investment can far surpass anything else in your digital marketing arsenal…IF your content is optimized for performance.

As we often like to point out (with just a little tongue in cheek), the cost of producing optimized content approaches zero over time.

Think about it: if you produce a piece of content for $500 and it gets 1,000 views in the first month, your cost-per-click on that piece of content is $0.50. Not bad.

But what if that same piece of content gets 2,000 views in the second month? Now it’s had 3,000 lifetime views, which brings your CPC down to $0.17. And in the third month, it gets another 2,400 views, bringing your lifetime CPC all the way down to $0.07. You see where we’re going with this…

The key here is that your content needs to be optimized to get those kind of results. Too often, we see clients who have tried to produce content without a clear content optimization strategy in place. As a result, they see performance fall to zero over time, rather than their cost.

At ClickSeed, we specialize in generating maximum performance from your content investment, primarily through organic search engine optimization.

ClickSeed’s content optimization service will help you…

  • Maximize the lifetime value of your content investment
  • Continually improve key performance indicators (KPIs) through a data-driven process
  • Future-proof your content assets and website structure for lasting performance in search

Our content optimization process

Persona Development

To create content that truly connects and resonates with your prospects, you need to explicitly define who those prospects are, including their most common questions and concerns, need states through the buy cycle, keywords they use to search for content, and the intent behind those searches. We’ll help explicitly define and characterize your buyer personas.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is both art and science. At ClickSeed, we don’t just chase keyword volume numbers. We dig in further to understand the intent behind common search queries to ensure the content we return for them provides an outstanding user experience by satisfying the searcher’s intent.

Content Audit

Content audits are the foundation of any successful content strategy. Our content audits typically involve a comprehensive crawl of your site along with stakeholder interviews to develop of full inventory of what we’re working with. Learn more about our approach to content audits.

Content Gap Analysis

In addition to optimizing the content you have, we need to make sure we’re accounting for the content you don’t have. There’s often a huge opportunity to address specific search queries that you haven’t already accounted for with your existing content. ClickSeed can help you identify gaps in your content assets and write new content to fill them.

Keyword Optimization

Google has come a long way with using artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand the intent behind user queries. But keywords still matter and it’s absolutely still a best practice to follow basic SEO guidelines by defining a keyword target for every page and ensuring the title, headline, image alt text, body text and other on-page elements contain the target keyword or variations of it. We’ll help you prioritize every URL on your website and begin the process of ensuring every page is optimized for its given target.

User Intent Matching

A good way to uncover problems with user intent is to look at the performance of existing content, such as bounce rate and goal completions where a given piece of content was the entry point. Such analysis can help identify mis-matches between what the page title promises and what the content delivers. We can help you improve the user experience by making sure the on-page content matches the intent behind the prospect’s search query.

Content Expansion

One of our favorite tactics for extracting more value from existing content is to expand it. We perform an analysis to see what keywords an existing page is ranking for in organic search. When we see keyword rankings in the #2 to #15 positions, we check to see if the content of the page is sufficiently addressing those keywords. We’ve consistently been able to move existing pages up several positions by adding a paragraph or two pertaining to a keyword that wasn’t part of the original page’s targeting.

Get Optimized

If you think your business could benefit from strategic content optimization services, contact us today to set up a time to discuss your project.