Launch & Redesign Support

SEO for New Site Launches & Redesigns

Before blog posts, product descriptions, social updates, or any other content, a well-rounded SEO strategy begins with a website optimized for function, usability, and conversion. It doesn’t matter how much great content is on your site if no one can find your site, or navigate it once they get there. It won’t matter how pretty your site is if it’s not user-friendly. And if your website isn’t optimized with all those things in mind, it’s going to fail at its primary purpose—conversion.

Launch on a Solid SEO Foundation

A strong web presence is essential to the success of most any business. Because of this, a lot of businesses will rush to get their websites online, not taking key SEO elements into account, thinking it’s something that can be done later. Sure, it can. But having to recode portions of your expensive, new website to incorporate critical SEO elements likely won’t go over very well with senior management as it means additional cost, and significantly lengthens your timeline for achieving ROI.

While you’re ramping up your business, we can work closely with the developers and designers on your web team to incorporate critical SEO elements and build core pages that are both aligned with commercial search terms, and evergreen. In addition, we can help ensure your website is flexible enough to accommodate potential future SEO changes to keep up with ever-evolving search engine algorithms.

Redesign as an Optimization Opportunity

Depending on the size of your business, a website redesign can often be quite a large undertaking—not to mention a pricey one. But you’ll get a much better return on that investment if you turn a site redesign into an opportunity to incorporate SEO, whether as an improvement on outdated optimization, or for the first time.

The process is similar to that of site launch optimization, but in this case, we may be able to use existing content and features. This will help maintain a familiar feel for your customers while making seamless improvements to enhance the user experience and increase conversions.

Launch and Redesign Support Areas

Whether an initial launch or a pivoting redesign, ClickSeed can offer support to you and your team in several key areas including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile Friendliness: One of the primary purposes of your site is simply to help you be where your customers are, and that increasingly means mobile. While responsive design may get you there, you do have other mobile SEO options that offer equal ranking ability, and may be preferable depending on your unique needs.
  • Search Engine Friendliness: Apart from optimization, inefficient coding can impede the ability of search engines to crawl and index your site effectively, or worse, make your site essentially invisible to them. Technology selection and coding frameworks can significantly improve your site’s search engine friendliness.
  • Fast-Loading Pages: Visitors to your site won’t wait long for pages to load, and neither will search engines. The faster your pages load, the better your site will perform in ranking results, and the more likely your visitors will be to stay longer.
  • Solid Infrastructure: A website isn’t merely a collection of pages with disparate information that all just happens to be in the same place. By creating strong architecture, your site’s pages can be built to be relevant not only to potential search terms, but to each other.
  • Powerful Content Management System: This means a CMS that performs well and lends itself to effective optimization, but is also easy to use and manage, thereby helping you publish rich content.
  • Optimized Content: Through our high-quality content writing service, we can help you build those relevant, optimized pages geared toward informing, educating and entertaining, as well as the primary goal of converting.

We’re Here to Support You

Plant the seeds to help your business flourish with our Launch and Redesign Support Service. Call us at 301-228-2432, or contact us, and let’s talk about how ClickSeed can help create an optimal environment for your website, your business, and your customers.