SEO Copywriting Services

The Art & Science of SEO Copywriting

Search engines have come a long way, but they still don’t get irony, puns or metaphors. With our SEO copywriting services, you’ll get eloquent, engaging content that even a robot can understand.

Natural & Organic

Let’s be clear: your content should be written for your audience first, not search engines.

Nobody wants to read, share or link to keyword-laden drivel, so even if you’re writing content mostly for the SEO benefit, that content still needs to earn high quality inbound rankings signals from an engaged audience who is actively sharing and linking to your content.

Create Some Buzz

But keywords are still important. Although we don’t focus these days on things like stuffing keywords into meta tags or keyword density, we do employ modern SEO copywriting best practices. To us that means copy that’s topically focused with just the right mix of target keywords, synonyms, co-occurrence and entity associations. ClickSeed builds rich context that gets your pages ranking, not only for a few keyword targets, but also for dozens and even hundreds of long-tail phrases.

Put the pen down.

And pick up the phone. Would you like to learn more about our SEO copywriting rates? Call us at 301-228-2432 and get our brilliant worker bees writing for you.