SEO for Publishers

Audience Growth through Search

Online publishers and news organizations face unique challenges that require a highly specialized skillset within the field of SEO. While our SEO roots pre-date Google itself, we’ve been working with large media organizations such as Rolling Stone, KiplingerUs Weekly and Nasdaq for the past six years to produce meaningful and measurable results through audience development strategies that focus primarily on organic search and Google News.

A Plan of Action

If you’ve got a news or magazine website with hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages, it’s not hard to find an SEO company willing to spit out a laundry list of SEO errors and optimization suggestions for you. Frankly, that’s a commoditized skillset.

ClickSeed takes it to the next level by providing real insight and helping you prioritize optimizations and enhancements that will produce the highest possible return on your investment. We support our recommendations with specific, detailed guidance for your technical, product development and editorial teams, and we’re always happy to jump on a conference call to guide you through the tricky parts.

We saw significant improvements in Google organic search traffic across all three sites that were measurable against the deployment of ClickSeed’s technical recommendations…we highly recommend ClickSeed.


Marissa O’Hare

Sr. Director of Audience Dev. at Wenner Media

Areas of Expertise

  • Google News Optimization
  • Content Syndication Partnerships
  • Google AMP Mobile SEO: Responsive, Separate Domain, & Dynamic
  • HTTP => HTTPS Migrations
  •, JSON-LD, and Knowledge Graph Optimization
  • XML & RSS Feed Implementation and Management
  • Audience Measurement and Behavioral Analysis (Google Analytics & Omniture)
  • Content Management System (CMS) Optimization
  • Advanced Technical SEO for Publishers
  • Editorial SEO Training

You Can’t Afford to Be Wrong

SEO is a constantly changing industry and conflicting guidance abounds. When you’re about to pull the trigger on something that could impact your search traffic in a big way, you need an experienced SEO consultant for publishers who has guided some of the most famous brands in the world through major redesigns and hair-raising traffic downturns, and consistently turned them into success stories.

We’ll Catch Fish, and Teach You to Fish, Too.

For your SEO program to be successful, you need buy-in from stakeholders across the organization, including technical, editorial, marketing, product development and business development staff. One of the best ways to get your internal teams on the same page and speaking the same language is through targeted SEO training, either on-site or via webinar. ClickSeed offers tailored SEO training programs and information-sharing sessions to help your organization maximize organic search traffic long after our engagement has concluded.

If you’re ready to start generating meaningful growth for your news, magazine, or reference site through organic search, get in touch to set up a free, no-strings consultation.