B2B SEO Services

As a B2B company, you already understand the need for a comprehensive marketing strategy. You’ve likely invested in a sophisticated marketing automation platform, and you’re committed to publishing high-quality content to fuel those inbound marketing campaigns. But are you missing an essential piece of the puzzle? Both of those efforts produce a higher ROI, and become much more effective over a longer period of time when they’re bolstered by SEO.

Incorporating B2B SEO into your marketing strategy increases the likelihood that your content will continue to drive high-quality leads for months and years to come, resulting in an ever-decreasing organic cost per click. But it also brings a unique set of challenges.

As a B2B company, you may have found that your best search terms are highly competitive, yet see much lower search volume, making effective optimization more difficult. By building a comprehensive B2B SEO strategy that will optimize both your site and your content, complement your current efforts, and mirror the buyer’s journey, we can help you overcome those challenges, and generate long-term results.

Technical Optimization

Effective optimization entails much more than incorporating valuable keywords. One of the first steps we’ll take in your B2B SEO plan is to perform technical optimization on your website. This includes, but is not limited to key tactics, such as:

  • Crawl Optimization: Is Google spending enough time on your site? Are all your pages being included in the index? The amount of time Google spends crawling your site is your “crawl budget.” By performing crawl optimization, we can help increase that budget and boost your presence in the index, thereby increasing your visibility in search results.
  • Semantic Markup: By including semantic markup on your site’s pages, we can assist search engines in understanding and classifying the information presented on each page. This, in turn, helps search engines to include your site in results displayed for searches relating to that markup. For example, if your company publishes magazines, semantic markup can identify features such as authors, subject matter and publication dates.
  • Duplicate Content Issues: Creating great content is a waste of money if that content ends up published elsewhere, and competes with your site. It can also seem to search engines like an attempt at ranking manipulation, which won’t reflect well on you. In addition to identifying and addressing duplicate content issues, we can help you avoid them in the future by ensuring your original content is identified as the canonical source.

Marketing Automation

If you’re using marketing automation software such as Marketo, HubSpot or Act-On, we can help you generate more qualified leads. We accomplish this by crafting optimized content that anticipates your potential clients’ needs, monitoring the paths visitors take through your site, and helping you fine-tune the steps included in your buyer’s journey.

Keyword and Content Mapping

You probably have a content strategy and editorial calendar in place. We take things a step further and employ laser-like focus in your content marketing efforts by implementing keyword and content mapping.

After performing in-depth keyword research and data-driven competitor analysis, we’ll identify targeting gaps and new keyword opportunities. We’ll then match those identified keywords to your content, and map them to specific pages on your site, and perform content optimization.

Finally, we ensure all titles, metadata, and content are aligned with those newly targeted keywords. This is an iterative process, maintained through regular monitoring and analysis. The result is content that performs more efficiently, effectively, and at a higher level than content focused on outdated or oversaturated keywords.


In addition to the search and buyer targeting benefits it offers, optimized content can be of great value in a smart remarketing strategy. Once your content is optimized and mapped, we can use it to build targeted remarketing lists, thereby vastly improving the ROI of your AdWords spend.

By monitoring the results of these remarketing efforts, we can continue to hone the content created for your site, which, in turn, continues to narrow remarketing targeting, and creates a constantly renewing cycle of ROI growth.

Linking Profiles

Inbound links are one of the most powerful ways to build relevance and raise your site’s profile. However, internal and outbound links, while not quite as powerful as inbound, are critical parts of a well-rounded linking profile.

Internal links can effectively indicate relevance between your site’s pages, and are an easily implemented tactic. Not only that, you have more control over the anchor text, which only increases their value. Outbound links also indicate relevance, but can have the added benefit of encouraging those coveted inbound links.

We’ll examine your site’s linking profile, and execute a linking strategy that will improve on the current profile as needed, and take advantage of missed linking opportunities.